High School Course Selection Form - Grade 10
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Students must earn the following compulsory credits:
English - 1 Credit
Math - 1 Credit
History - 1 Credit
Fundamental Chemistry - 1 Credit
Arabic - 1 Credit
Islamic Studies - 0.5 Credit
Physical Education & Health - 0.5 Credit
Moral Education
Human Anatomy
Length and Credit: 1 year / 1 Credit
Grade: 10
Prerequisite: Completion of Biology 9 In this course students will investigate the structure and function of the human body. Topics covered will include the basic organization of the body, the major body systems along with the impact of diseases on certain systems. Students will engage in many topics and competencies related to truly understanding the structure and function of the human body. Demonstrations, lab activities, videos and dissections will be used to supplement classroom lecture and discussion. This course is designed for those students who have taken biology and who wish to further their study of biology.
Principles of Business Course Description and Prerequisite:
Length and Credit: 1 year / 0.5 Credit
Grade: 10,11

Prerequisite: None
This course provides a survey of the business world. Topics include the basic principles and practices of contemporary business. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of business concepts as a foundation for studying other business subjects. Understanding Business introduces the world of business through a survey of fundamental concepts and challenges – managing change, economics, ethics and social responsibility, management and leadership, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, accounting and finance, global trade, information technology, and operations and supply chain. This course is designed to give students a working knowledge of business, as well as assist them in determining an area or two of business in which they would like to concentrate throughout their studies.
App Development with Swift Course Description and Prerequisite:
Length and Credit: 1 year / 0.5 Credit
Prerequisite: None
This course is designed to teach students the skills needed to be an app developer capable of bringing their own ideas to life. By the end of this course they should be able to build a fully functioning app of their own design.

The course starts by introducing iOS development tools, basic programming concepts using Swift as the language, and industry best practices. Building on this foundation, we will follow a step-by-step curriculum, work through practical exercises, and create apps from scratch.

Students will build five projects, beginning with a simple flashlight app that changes the background colour of the screen and ending with a shopping app that works with network services to communicate with a web server. After they finish the course projects, they will have a chance to build their own personal project, working through design, prototyping, and development phases.
Public Speaking Course Description and Prerequisite:
Length and Credit: 1 year / 0.5 Credit
Grade: 10
Prerequisite: None
In order for students to be effective speakers, communication, verbal, nonverbal, and written must be consistent. Master of the skills used in public speaking will greatly enhance the chances of being understood. An effective presentation includes good content, organization, delivery, audience, and analysis. These are the tools that will be evaluated on during the course. In addition, the information students will learn will assist then in becoming a more critical consumer of information.
Core Media 3D Course Description and Prerequisite:
Length and Credit: 1 year/ 0.5 Credits
Grade Level(s): Grade 10
In this introductory course, students will explore artistic expression through a wide range of visual 3D media. Through a series of exercises, students will explore the possibilities of expression that arise when a variety of media and supportive surfaces are combined.In the 3D Design art class, the curriculum is based on a theme.  This theme allows students to make connections between art, academics and their personal world.
If you choose option 1 you can not choose any course from option 2
Elective Course Selection 1: *
If you choose option 2 then select one course from 2A and one course from 2B
2A options:
2B Options:
Important Information
Course Change
The schedule is created after students’ choices and interests. Accordingly, courses change is highly discouraged after course selections. One week change period is applicable to any new classes after starting the academic year. Student-initiated requests for course changes take place within the first week of the scheduled course. Attendance in the students’ original class is required until the change has been confirmed by the school administration. Consultation with the student must occur before allowing student to change their schedule. Student is responsible to finish and complete any work missed in their new course. The teacher may recommend that a student be changed to another course if the student does not meet the minimum course expectations.
Below the steps that need to be followed when requesting a course change after the initial one-week period:
1. Student obtains petition form from counselor for the course change.
2. Parent, current teacher, or receiving teacher recommends the change.
3. Counselor makes a recommendation.
4. A final decision will be made by the Guidance Committee, taking all recommendations into account.
The Guidance Committee consists of the (Director, Deputy Director, Academic Advisor, High School Principals and Guidance Counselor)
Pre-requisites are required for some courses. Pre-requisites are listed in course descriptions, and students should be aware of them when making course selections. Students are required to read the description of each course selected in order to avoid changing courses.
Regular attendance and punctuality are emphasized at INPS-AD. Because performance in class through collaborative activities is an essential element of student learning and assessment, students must be present and absent must be minimized. To receive course credit, students may not accumulate more than unexcused 6 classes per course per semester. Students exceeding this absence limit will receive the grade on their final transcript but will not be granted credit. Fourtardiness are equal to one unexcused absence.
Graduation Requirements
- Student must finish 12 years of schooling Grades 1-12
- Student must achieve minimum of 60% overall average in grade 12
- Students must complete 26 credits
o EmSAT is compulsory for all Emiratis and non-Emiratis students who are studying in
governmental or private schools.
o The EmSAT is compulsory for university admission in government and private universities and colleges in the UAE
o The EmSAT is a one of the degree equivalency requirements for American Private School
o EmSAT minimum score for Math is 500 and for English is 1100
o SAT is a one of the degree equivalency requirements for American Private School students
(minimum score of 400 for Mathematics)

o IELTS or TOEFL is a one of the degree equivalency requirements for American Private School students.
TOEFL minimum score of “61” Internet based and IELTS minimum score of “5”.

- Community Service/ Internship a minimum of 30 hours
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