Global Climate Change Challenge
Please note this application form is expected to take between 15-25mins to complete.

The Global Climate Change Challenge Programme is being run by the interDependence Agency in conjunction with the Engaged Tracking Foundation.

Further information the Global Climate Change Challenge, including the Programme Brochure please visit:

The purpose of our interdependent learning Programmes is to resource participants with sustainable leadership skills, a greater awareness of the ecological problems faced by society at this time, to better understand the solutions to those problems, and the practical skills required to build a global network of climate resilient communities.

Participants in the Global Climate Change Challenge will be working on the implementation of the interDependence blueprint - a plan to fund the rapid scale up of climate solutions, invest in local renewable energy and sustainable food production infrastructure, create meaningful jobs and generate new ways for people to participate in the low carbon transition.

The interDependence blueprint offers an antidote to the climate breakdown and the rapidly increasing polarisation we are witnessing in society today.

The interDependence blueprint will be funded from the sale of interDependence Bonds, a tokenized climate impact bond designed to raise funds to develop a network of climate resilient community infrastructure projects and fund the rapid scale up of climate solutions.

Token holders will be able to exchange their interDependence Bonds for energy and food produced by interDependence Communities once the network reaches scale.

Participants in the Global Climate Change Challenge will be organised into teams according to roles and locations. Specifically, each team will work together to design, plan and implement an outreach, awareness raising, community building and fundraising campaign in their local communities.

Please complete this application form to apply for any of the following:

Leadership Programmes:

>Global Climate Change Challenge - Sustainable Leadership Programme

Ambassador Programmes:

>Global Climate Change Challenge - Ambassador Programme
>Global Climate Change Challenge - Young Ambassador Programme for 15-18 year olds

Volunteer with Us:

>Global Climate Change Challenge - Volunteer Programme
>Global Climate Change Challenge - Ad hoc Volunteer Programme (No minimum time commitment)

Gain work experience with us:

>Global Climate Change Challenge - Internship Programme
>Global Climate Change Tech Challenge - Hackathon Programme

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