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OpenCures is a scientific services company specializing in helping you perform Self-Directed Research by helping you identify and access cutting-edge research tools and educational material to give you insight into your biology and health. Β The samples and results of the assays obtained through OpenCures are owned by you. Β OpenCures makes no representations of the suitability of the data for a particular purpose and you are entirely responsible for their interpretation and any actions you may take as a result of that interpretation although OpenCures may assist in your self-education by providing research materials based on peer-reviewed research. Β 

Please read our full disclaimer before consenting to use our services.
General Consent
I consent to:
Β - The collection of biological samples (or biospecimens) for assays that I order.
Β - The shipment of my biospecimens to assay/testing providers as necessary.
Β - The storage of the results of such assays/tests in a private profile on our online platform.
Β - The storage of my biospecimens in the OpenCures BioBank.

NOTE: General Consent is necessary to provide service. Β 

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I consent to:

Anonymously share my data and bio-specimens to speed the development of cures for disease.

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