Savvy Social Media Scholar for Super Awesome Online Company
In our opinion, there are two sides to being a savvy social media scholar— strategic thinking and brilliant execution. We’re looking for someone who is absolutely INCREDIBLE at both!

-------------- About You --------------

So let’s start by talking about you.

You are witty with words – alliteration, active sentences and appropriate punctuation are the stuff of dreams. Taking an idea and turning it into a campaign of incredible images and one-liners sounds like a fun way to spend a day to you!

You are incredibly skilled at both micro and macro thinking — making sure the big picture of the campaign is represented by way of all the tiny details that need to get promoted through social channels.

You also love people — you’re a natural community maestro, and knowing that you helped someone else smile or learn something new gives you enormous satisfaction. You are an incredible problem solver — you are strategic, clever, and quick on your feet.

You are a scholar – you do not accept that anyone is a “guru” or “expert” at social media – that it’s important to be always learning and honing your craft, whether it’s reading social media blogs, attending social media seminars, or studying web analytics and what a target audience pins, re-tweets, hearts or likes, so you can deliver more of what they consume.

You do NOT thrive on being micromanaged and love to be given the freedom to excel in your job. Being your own boss within an organization is a dream come true for you.

You are open, direct, and straightforward. You believe that honesty, awareness, and ownership are the direct routes to problem solving. You’d rather not play the “blame game,” but instead just correct the issue and keep moving! You are a solution-based thinker who investigates why things went wrong (or fell flat) with the goal of improving the creative process. It is pretty impossible to faze you and you’re able to take a hit and keep rolling — your goal is to get it done and get results, even if the path that gets there isn’t quite the one that you anticipated!

-------------- About This Role --------------

You will be a social media specialist at Thrive Marketing®. What does this mean? That you’ll be a Scholar of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, ever enthusiastic — and never egotistical — with your knowledge. You’ll break campaign ideas into tweets, pins and posts. You’ll be not only a witty wordsmith, but also an incredible image chooser, turning heads and triggering mouse clicks. You are excellent at translating campaigns into micro messages, from figuring out the messaging plan to figuring out exactly which posts need to be executed when.

Basically, you are the one who keeps our clients’ campaigns clicking with results.

We are a virtual office— that means everyone (including you!) works from your own home office. This means you get all the best parts of interacting with a super fun team, with none of the commute and cubicles! Although your day to day will involve working closely with our small team, you need to be the kind of person that enjoys working from home and managing their own time.

Some of your tasks will include:

● Writing daily posts/tweets to all applicable social media outlets for clients
● Creating content for feeds and sparking discussion on various social networking sites
● Coordinating the marketing calendar with online activity
● Tracking social media influence
● Ensuring proper online messaging and relevancy
● Ensuring consistency of messages across multiple networks
● Participating in minute-by-minute online conversations by answering questions, offering solutions and mediating conversations
● Preparing reports to update internal staff on usage statistics
● Continuous monitoring and coverage of all sites

This is a part-time contract position. You’ll be working independently from your own home.

-------------- About Our Company --------------

Founded in 2004, Thrive Marketing® is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency, specializing in marketing automation and building highly converting websites and marketing funnels.

Thrive Marketing’s mission is to make an epic difference in the world by enabling our clients to serve as many people as possible – by promoting their life-changing services and products to the masses. And we accomplish this with the help of our ‘Code to Thrive By’ -- doing what we say we’ll do, working smarter not harder, keeping our culture drama-free, and being passionate about people and their dreams. Our clients are established, reputable businesses in the health, technology, professional and eCommerce verticals. In other words, we serve the healthy, the geeky, the dynamic and the digitally-inclined people of the world!

------------- How to Apply --------------

Please fill in your information below. This helps us manage the flow of information in one spot so no phone calls please.

Please answer ALL questions thoughtfully. Remember, this is your first impression, so make it super awesome!


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