RSVP for Remixed (Saturday Oct 17 at 10am)
We’re so glad you’ll be joining us for Remixed! We just need to know a few things about you.
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You will need a smartphone or tablet with internet access for this performance. Is this is something you have access to?
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You must also live inside of our delivery area, which is within 20 km of the MacDonald Bridge.
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Before the performance, we’ll be doing a contactless delivery of your party supplies. What’s your address?
Are there any delivery instructions we should be aware of?
We’ll text you when the delivery is on its way, as well as just before the performance starts. What cell phone number should we send these texts to?
Remixed is performed in English. To engage fully, participants will need to read text, listen to audio, interact with a simple mobile app, and use the party supplies provided. Gentle movement may be required and can be adapted to your needs.
Is there anything else we should know about you?
Thank you! More very soon!
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