“喂呀強,陣間落堂一齊練波!“ 普通一句對白,其實已經隱藏許多資料,AI可以估計他是一名學生、興趣是球類活動、比較大機會是男性、以粵語為母語等。

人工智能可以分析、模仿、甚至生成句子。人類的原創性,會否被動搖? 人類與人工智能合作寫作,是否可行?


什麼是藝術科技(art tech)?藝術家會在意你有否「讀懂」他們的作品嗎?誰擁有作品的敘述?科技的位置又在哪?這些常見問題將會一一得到解答,讓多媒體藝術變得更加可親。誠邀你來參與這實驗,來得到屬於你自己一套的答案。

香港澳門的文化交流 與我們一岸之隔的澳門,在談論「文化交流」時,並不是第一時會浮現在腦海的地點。不必捨近求遠,近在咫尺的地方,能有什麼交流的機會呢?


14.00pm 創意寫作和AI在表演藝術的應用 
15.00pm 藝術科技與會說故事的交互設計
16.30pm 香港澳門的文化交流



(1) 活動費用全免,名額有限,先到先得
(2) 申請必須於表演前的兩小時前提交,有關活動安排將在收到申請後由專人聯絡
(3) 三歲以下小童恕不招待
(4) 敲擊襄保留因應疫情而調動或更改活動內容及形式之權利

電話:+852 6351 2673

Creative Writing on Performing Art with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is progressing at an astonishing speed, where there are plenty of untapped potential in language learning. AI can analyse, imitate and even create sentences. Would it threaten human creativity? Is it a fairy tale for humans and AI to write collaboratively?

Art tech and interactive design for Storytelling

What is ArtTech? Do artists care if you understand their work? Who owns the story of a work? What is the role of technology? This sharing aims to tease out some of the FAQs audience have towards media art and invite participants to shape their answers amid participatory experiment.

Hong Kong and Macau: Cultural Exchange Horizons
Our adjacent sister city Macau is not the first name that pops up  in the discussion of cultural exchange. What are the opportunities that exist so close to our own doorsteps?

Date and Time
25 August (Thurs) Y Studio, Youth Square, Chai Wan
14.00pm Creative Writing on Performance Art with AI
15.00pm Art tech and interactive design for Storytelling 16.30pm Hong Kong and Macau: Cultural Exchange Horizons
Event is by registration.

(1) All activities conducted in Cantonese
(2) The programme is free of charge, limited quotas are available on a first come, first served basis.
(3) Application must be made at least 2 hours in advance before the proposed date of visit. Application confirmation will be notified upon receiving the application.
(4) Children under 3 will not be admitted
(5)Toolbox Percussion reserves the right of final decision for changing and rearranging the programmes in response to the latest epidemic development

Event Enquiry:
Tel: +852 6351 2673
WhatsApp: http://wa.me/85263512673
Email: heidilaw@toolboxpercussion.org
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