2017-2018 District 67 Incentive Application 總會激勵方案申請表
If you have more than one item, please write in the comment below. Please do not fill in more than one form.
Also, please email your club's payment receipt for at least 6 months membership for new members to Tension Wu (tension3013wu@yahoo.com.tw ).
若申報超過一個品項,請直接在同一張申請表的評註欄內註明,不必另外填表。並請分會將新會員上繳至少六個月會費的收據轉寄給分會成長執行長吳天勝 (tension3013wu@yahoo.com.tw)
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New Member Sponsor's name (must specify as sponsor during online TI membership application) 新會員贊助人的名字 (必需是世界總會線上申請加入時有登記的贊助人):
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Choose T-shirt or polo shirt size 選 T恤 或 polo 襯衫尺寸 (approximate sizes only)
TM Logo Polo Shirt 演講會標章襯衫 (approximate sizes only)
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