Garden of Peace 2021 Healing Artist Residency
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In addition to filling this form out, Please submit 3-5 examples of your healing practice (video, text or photos) and 2 references from community members with your application to
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How do you identify in the world? Are you Black?
Will you need any disability accommodations for this Virtual Residency?
Do you have any special needs or taboos that we need to consider in supporting you during your residency?
How long have you been a healing practitioner?
How would you define your healing arts?
What and who are the main foci of your Healing Arts practice? Why?
What modalities do you use for your healing practice?
Have you studied with any teachers, if so who, and for which modalities?
Do you hold any initiations (that you care to speak about)? If so which ones and through whom were you initiated?
How do healing and art interact and intersect for you?
What does liberation look like?
How does liberation intersect with your Healing Artist practice?
What is your relationship with the community which you serve?
What do you hope to gain from a residency with Garden of Peace?
What area of research will you be studying while you are a Healing Artist Resident? What project will you be focused on?
What kind of workshops would you like to provide to the community through your virtual residency with Garden of Peace?
Is there any other information that you think would help us get a fuller picture of who you are and what you do in the world?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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