2023-24 Village Pre-registration New Student Waitlist
Pre-registration for The Village Afterschool Enrichment Program for the 2023-24 school year.
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How many days a week will your child be enrolled at The Village? Note: all listed schedules are subject to availability. Waitlist reservation is not confirmation of a given schedule. Available openings are determined by grade level, school location, and enrollment schedule, due to transportation logistics. Waitlist will be established on a first come basis. Rates listed are based on current rates and may be subject to up to a 7% increase before the 2023-24 school year begins. Transportation is currently provided from Burlington, Poly Drive, and Rose Park Elementary Schools. Additional routes from West End schools may be added for fall 2023, including Meadowlark. *
If you selected "other combination" above, please specify which days of the week you are interested in having your child at The Village. Part-time schedules aren't guaranteed by this selection, and are available on a limited basis. *
Please indicate if your child has any allergies, health conditions, behavioral conditions, or special needs. *
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If you responded yes to any of the conditions (or no to vaccinations) listed above, please offer a brief description here. If you responded no, type N/A. *
I understand that waitlist reservation does not guarantee my child's enrollment, but does establish waitlist status, in the order received. I understand that to secure my child's enrollment position, I must pay the pre-registration deposit of $25 per child within 5 days of notification of enrollment. Enrollment confirmation for new students will begin by May 31, 2023. Pre-registration deposits are non-refundable and are credited toward the annual registration fee. Please type your full name as signature. *
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