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Thank you or your interest in volunteering to perform at Taste of the Arts 2019. All performance artists donate their time to showcase their art form. Arts United's free Taste of the Arts Festival is now in its 11th year. We strive to bring the largest diversity of performances of any event in town and show off the amazing talent that our community has to offer. The other part of this mission is to provide a FREE event to attend, allowing us to make the arts accessible to all, no matter your background, culture, socioeconomic status, or any other possible barrier that could prevent someone from being a part of this community. Your participation for this event is a donation of one hour to showcase the vibrant fabric of our arts community and a celebration of the strength and vibrancy of our arts and culture in Northeast Indiana.

In addition to a juried art marketplace, nonprofit organizational booths, arts and crafts, hands-on activities, and a wide variety of restauranteurs, the Taste hosts nearly a dozen performance stages designed to accommodate actors, musicians, dancers, and other types of performing artists.

This is a rain or shine festival! In the event of inclement weather, performances may continue under tented stages, or there will be alternate indoor venues.

Complete this request form NO LATER THAN JUNE 1st! Applications after that day will be considered on a wait list. You will receive an email confirming your submission. Performers that are selected will be notified by JULY 15th and receive the tentative schedule July 15th.

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PLEASE BE BRIEF. This short description may be used in the program. Items may be edited by the committee.
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Kim McCutchan will contact you directly to schedule this time.
Can you perform more than once during the day? *
Can you perform back to back sets? *
This would be a 2 hour time commitment
Scheduled stage time is the time your group is to BEGIN performing. Arrive at your performance location no later than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to begin set-up. You will have 15 minute after your performance for tear-down. TOTAL TIME your act has the stage for set-up, performance, and tear-down is 1 HOUR. All performances will BEGIN on the hour or half hour.
If you have a specific performance time request, please list it and the reason for the specific time:
Specific times are noted but cannot be guaranteed.
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Do you have members that will be performing with any other group? If so, Please list other group.
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Technical Information
If your group is a musical theatre, band, music group, individual musician, or dance performance or requires the items below, please fill out the following:
Electrical hookup? *
Sound system/speakers? *
Audio monitors? *
Direct in audio hook-up? *
Ex. Guitars, Keyboards, etc.
Hook-up for iPod, or MP3 Player, phone (Headphone jack)? *
Will you require a CD Player?
Vocal microphones? *
Wireless not available
If you need vocal microphones, how many?
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Instrument microphones? *
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Please list any musical instruments/equipment you will be bringing with you below:
This will help our audio engineers prepare
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Please list any other audio information we may need to know:
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After receiving your registration, you may be contacted by Arts United's Technical Director to clarify your needs and determine the best accommodations for your group.
Please list any props or items you will be bringing with you:
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Will your act require folding chairs for the performers? *
If you need folding chairs for the performers, how many?
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The Arts United technical and stages staff is UNABLE to provide:
Music Stands
Use of curtains, fly-rail, follow spots
Crew to move on/off set pieces during the performance
Lighting cues/effects/changes at any time
Sound cues via script/dialogue
Pre-recorded music start/stop (most common with dance groups) UNLESS artist provides a stage manager
Miscellaneous Information
If your performance has additional requirements not covered above, please list them below. Please be as complete and thorough as possible. We recognize every performance is unique and understand some of your needs may not be covered by this sheet and as such have included the space below. We will accommodate your act wherever possible.
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Contact and Follow Up
The sooner we have the full complement of performers, the sooner the schedule for the Arts United performance stages can be finalized and details sent to you. The FINAL Performing Artists Schedule and other material will be sent to confirmed performers no later than August 1st..

If you have any additional questions, please email performing artists chair, Kim McCutchan at


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