ItyDity Producer's Introductory Survey
Thank you for joining ItyDity! Please answer the following questions will help us to better match you with artists for Song Production Projects and other future paid opportunities (including potential 1-on-1 Matching). You can answer as many or as few as you'd like, but the more information we have, the more likely and the better we will be able to match you!
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List the top 3 genres you are most passionate about
Which instruments are you proficient in playing?
Do you prefer to work with artists who have market potential?
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Are there any musical projects you prefer NOT to work on? Examples: EDM/electronic music, country music, songs with lyrics that include profanity, violence, or political messaging, ect.
ItyDity offers both Song Production Projects in which up to 3 producers submit rough draft sketches to an artist to showcase what they would do with the song, and also 1-on-1 matching where we simply pair an artist with a single producer who we know would be a good fit for them. Which of the following are you interested in?
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ItyDity's projects require that the selected/winning producer of a project is able to deliver a radio-quality, market-ready mix and master as the final product (whether mixed and mastered entirely by you or outsourced to a third party out-of-pocket). Do you feel confident in your ability to deliver on these expectations? *
When it comes to producing, mixing, and mastering are there any areas that you often prefer to dictate to a third party to perform? Why or why not?
If ItyDity was able to provide mixing and mastering services for projects at $300/song (and therefore take that responsibility off your shoulders) would you like that option? (Note: The $300 would be deducted from your project payout amount).
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What is your usual rate per song?
What type of splits do you generally ask for in a project?
Do you ever work for only splits or a lesser amount plus splits with certain "promising" artists?
***Producers on ItyDity are expected to be able to play or outsource: LIVE Guitar, Keys, Bass and LIVE or programmed Drums.***  For any other "niche" instrumentation requested that the artist does not want played with a synth, you will be allowed to charge the songwriter client additional fees to cover the cost of 3rd party instrumentalists, shall you NOT be able to play those yourself, and upon pre-negotiation and approval by the songwriter client. Does this sound agreeable to you?
While we will look to increase rates in the future, right now our song production projects range from $700 - $1000 pay and you will get to big you rate within that window (plus the potential for 5% sound recording royalties). Are you interested in submitting to projects at this current price point?
If you answered no to the last question, why not?
Do you have a home studio setup with quality equipment available for artists to use who are local to you? ($150 is added to your payout for a single recording session of vocals + one instrument - usually 1.5 hours of time).
On ItyDity, a "sketch" is a rough draft idea of what you could do with an artist's song. Most producers spend 2-5 hours on their sketch.  Producers are currently not paid for the sketch,  but have a 1 in 3 chance of securing the client. THEN 75% of the time, the selected producer goes on to be directly hired by the artist for more songs, off the platform. Are you available to submit a sketch to at least 2 artists/songwriters per month on ItyDity?
What do you think sets you apart from other producers? AKA what are your strong suits?
What are your weak areas?
Do you currently struggle to find paying clients?
How do you currently get clients in the door?
What is your typical turn-around time for a song?
What do you wish artists would understand better about producers and working with producers?
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