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Galileo 3.0, Trusted Voices, is accepting nominations for Trusted Voices Teacher Leaders for the 2020-2021 school year. Trusted Voices is a grassroots, non-partisan, network of teachers from both districts and charters, mobilizing across the state of Michigan. It is sponsored by Oakland University’s Galileo Leadership Consortium.

Our mission is to collaboratively reframe the agenda for public education. As a nonpartisan advocacy group of educators, we are focused on building collaborative partnerships among teachers, administrators, and policy makers to ensure every Michigan learner from every publicly funded school receives the highest quality of education.

With the approval of their administration, Trusted Voices Reps will support their local policy makers as an expert voice in the field. At the state level, Trusted Voices offers select teacher leaders representing ten regions within Michigan, the opportunity to present the "State of Education" from the classroom lens to both the Michigan Education Caucus and our House and Senate Education Committees. This opportunity is voluntary and led by teacher leaders leading from the classroom.

Through this leadership experience, participants will lead from the classroom and ensure teacher voice at the policy table by:
• Building collaborative partnerships among administration and local policy maker(s).
• Offering feedback on existing ed policy and informing future ed policy.
• Participating in advocacy and education policy training.
• Participating in monthly webinars to network, collaborate, and remain informed.
• Inviting policy makers into their districts
• Informing stakeholders of our current legislative agenda and updates.
• Creating awareness of the SFRC findings to all stakeholders.
• Organizing events to inform community stakeholders of the current state of MI education.

Candidates do not need to be experts in education policy, however, candidates must:
• Set aside their own agenda and biases, maintaining a non-partisan position.
• Uphold Michigan’s Teacher Leader Standards.
• Be first and foremost a learner.
• Not endorse candidates running for an elected office or side with any political affiliation. 

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Since teachers examine how ed policy plays out in the classroom, we offer our collective expertise as a service to our Michigan legislatures. Please indicate which areas you might be able to support our policy makers in (Select all that apply).
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The Trusted Voices Representative must be approved by the district’s superintendent. The superintendent and/or public relations director must be informed when communicating to the district’s legislator and his or her constituents. Trusted Voices Representatives agree to: 1) Build strong collaborative partnerships among teacher-leaders, administration, and policy makers. 2) Promote the recommendations of Michigan’s School Finance Research Collaborative (SFRC) to the district’s legislator(s) and his or her constituents. 3) Set aside their own agenda and biases, maintaining a non partisan position with only the best interest of student-learning and the teaching-profession in mind. 4) Carefully refrain from endorsing any candidate running for an elected office or siding with any political affiliation. 5) Commit to excellence and uphold ​Michigan’s Teacher Leader Standards​. 6) Lead on behalf of equity. We believe all students must receive the resources necessary for them to achieve their dreams. 7) Maintain a growth mindset and practice essential teacher leader principles, including Covey’s 7-Habits of Highly Effective People.
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