Homeopathy for COVID-19 input preparation

*Inputs are welcome from Individuals as well as organisations from AYUSH stream. We may fill this form and suggest suitable action.*

But before we fill this in, we must have some uniformity about which medicine we want to propose. Until now, we have come across many suggested medicines, as below. I'm skipping the names to stick to the main purpose.

Arsenic album 30
Gelsemium 30
Bryonia 30
Influenzinum 200
Camphora 1M
Eupatorium perf 30
Justicia Adhatoda 3x
Oscillococcinum 200
Streptococcinum 200

Now we know that the above medicines were suggested based on different analysis. Some by actual use in field and some theoretically. While we will be tempted to stand by actual results of the field, we know that the patient set belongs to a different region and we can't be sure if it the medicine is the same of the Indian population. Unless, we can gather the actual set of symtpoms in Indian patients. Someone could initiate that on behalf of us.

Based on all what we know, can we come together and find a consensus.

Please send your choice of remedy/remedies with a short analysis and the evidence you will offer for the choice.

Once we are able to gather this data from maximum homeopaths, we can come to a narrower choice of remedies, which will be shared to everyone and then we can send our combined and uniform inputs to AYUSH.

Lets be ready to put our egos aside and make some change happen.
What is your choice of remedy for COVID-19 homeopathic prophylaxis? *
What is your rationale for choosing the above remedy? *
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