Catching a Ring of NDG Jewelry Thieves
Welcome to the first of two interactive games!
I hope you have as much fun playing it as I had writing it.

The purpose of this game is to give the kids of NDG (suggested ages 6-10) the opportunity to have some fun and get some exercise outdoors with their parents while respecting the rules about social distancing.

You play the game by reading the story and physically going to the places mentioned in it, solving the clues in the story based on what you see when you get to the right locations. The story is about a smart and tough kid (that's you!) who works with their mom to try and catch a ring of jewelry thieves operating in NDG.

Your starting point is Girouard park, which is the park located between Cote Saint Antoine and Sherbrooke street, east of Marcil street. Your ending point is roughly 1.6 kilometres (1 mile) away to the west.

The best way to get from location to location is by walking or using a scooter. Biking is possible but a little tricker.

Enjoy! And good luck catching those jewelry thieves!

If you're curious about the second game, "The Case of the Missing Spy", you can find it here:

- Sarah Lolley, the author

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