The Vashti Initiative Volunteer Application
This form is for those who are interested in volunteering for The Vashti Initiative. A virtual non-profit dedicated to empowering and assisting those fleeing and transitioning out of religious and spiritual abuse.
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The Vashti Initiative does not discriminate based on race, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, orientation, ability, nor current or past religious/spiritual affiliation. We collect this data as part of our standard process of operations and welcome inclusion and diversity within our organization. Though we do retain the right to bar any individual determined to be predatory or actively serving and working for groups that seek to further harm survivors. Our first priority is always to protect and aid the victims of religious or spiritual abuse.
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We do our best to serve victims across the country from a virtual platform. This means engaging use of the internet, social media, text messaging, phone lines, and video conferencing to perform most of our work. In addition, our office space is all online and makes it possible to easily exchange files and information with other volunteers and staff in multiple locations.
Having read the above explanation of our operation process, do you feel confident that you could navigate a virtual working space, such as Google, Slack, and social media platforms, in at least some capacity? *
Have you ever been employed or done volunteer work for marginalized or underserved populations? (Example: social work, activism, outreach, etc.) *
Approximately how many hours a month would you be able to donate to the Vashti Initiative? Note: please try to present an attainable and consistent availability. *
In what areas do you feel your skills could best be used? (Select all that apply. *Please try to identify areas that you are comfortable and willing to engage) *
Do you identify as a survivor of religious or spiritual abuse? *
How long has it been since you left your last adverse/abusive spiritual environment? *
Did your religious group align or identify with any of the following? (Select all that apply) *
What is your reason for wanting to volunteer with the Vashti Initiative? *
Final notes or clarification:
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