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If you are a non-professional performer, please also email a photo of yourself in the most revealing way you are willing to be seen on camera. If you are not willing to be seen at all, then no photo is necessary.
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Are you fully vaccinated against both COVID-19 and Monkeypox? (Not necessary for VIRTUAL performances.)
Fully vaccinated for COVID-19 means you have had two initial doses and at least one booster. Fully vaccinated against Monkeypox means it has been at least two weeks since your second dose.
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Provide a link to one social media and one content account (JFF or OF), if you have them.
Do you agree to provide the required consent and identification in order to publish the content?
Not necessary for unseen "performers."
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What roles are you interested in playing?
Review the chart on the "casting" page of my website,
Show face
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Voyeur (clothed)
Bate coach (clothed)
Bate buddy
Bond-edge sub
Massage recipient
Cum feeder
Watersports top
Cum/piss bottom
When are you most likely available (Pacific time)?
If you are completely flexible, you can skip the question. You don't need to check every box.
9am - 12pm
1pm - 5pm
6pm - 9pm
Where are you based, if outside the Palm Springs area? (Or provide the time zone.)
If you will be traveling to Palm Springs and want to collaborate in person, what are your travel dates?
If you are local, are you also able to host the shoot?
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If you have a disability that requires accommodation, let me know how.
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