2017 Nerdy Doggo Survey: Part III
Hosted by Nerdy Doggo at www.pupplay.Info
March 2017: Part 3
The website www.pupplay.info, in conjunction with Nerdy Doggo and PAHs Without Borders program are hosting an in depth survey about the pup play community throughout the entire 2017 year.

This information is to help the community know where it is in 2017 and to help PAHs and workshops know what the community is focused on to better provide support and resources to its members. We will be releasing all results at the end of the year to help create a snapshot of the community.

Some things you need to know:
# Please answer about yourself personally; not what you think the community is or should be.
# If a question doesn't apply to you or you are uncomfortable answering, you are welcome to skip it.
# all aggregated data will be publicly available. the information is made by the community, for the community.
# Individual answers will never be released; All published results will be impossible to be traced back to any individual.
# Some questions are repeated through the different released survey parts. Please answer them, even if you have answered them in previous parts.

We also have a FAQ page for common questions, complaints and to learn how to leave feedback


If you haven't completed previous surveys yet. you can do so at this link below:
PART 1: https://goo.gl/forms/1BeeGwG71UzeLtAl1
PART 2: https://goo.gl/forms/26QWfNrDsxKoTl4K3
PART 3: https://goo.gl/forms/gbf6IgEYlrIXcZwC3
PART 4: https://goo.gl/forms/6XSSrisZhiRsm3ko2
PART 5: https://goo.gl/forms/qWBdcNWmfbyI8Lew1


For more Information Visit:
Pupplay.Info FB Group https://www.facebook.com/PupPlayInfo/
Puppy 101 FB Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/puppy101/
Pupplay.Info Website http://www.pupplay.info/

Basic Demographic
These answers will help us break down data into regions to help local social groups and event organisers get more accurate data for their local community compared to the global community.
What region do you live in?
What is your age range?
What gender do you identify with?
Your answer
What sexuality do you identify with?
Your answer
Pup Packs Section
Please skip questions you feel are not applicable to you.
What is your personal definition of a pup pack?
Your answer
How important is it to you to belong to a pack?
Not Important
Very Important
Do you belong to a pack currently?
If No, Do you want to join a pack?
How long have you been part of your current pack?
Your answer
How many members are there in your pack?
Your answer
What is your title in the pack? (Handler, Alpha, Beta, Omega e.t.c)
Your answer
Do all pack members reside in the same country?
Community Questions Part 1
We will be asking more questions about your interactions with the community in later surveys
Have you gone to any mosh events?
If no, Why?
Your answer
If yes; 1) What did you enjoy most in the mosh events?
Your answer
2) What did you enjoy the least at the mosh events?
Your answer
Have you gone to any pup play workshop events?
If no, Why?
Your answer
If yes, what topics did they cover?
Your answer
If there is any topics you personally would like future workshops to cover, please describe the topics here.
Your answer
How important is it to you to go to mosh events?
Not Important
Very Important
How helpful to you is going to pup themed workshop events?
Not Helpful
Very Helpful
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