Bio-Hackathon Application Form
The entry form for CUTECs Bio-Hackathon running 21-24th June
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Field of Study and University/Company
e.g., Computer Science, University of Leeds or Biologist, Startup or Art/Design, Royal College of Art
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Are you applying with someone?
Are two or more of you wishing to be placed on the same team (we do not guarantee this)? Please name them:
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The event is free to enter but we know accommodation and travel is not. Can you provide this through sponsorship from your institution? Do you require a scholarship?
MAX 200 WORDS We offer a limited number of scholarships for accommodation and travel. We want EVERYONE to be able to compete. Please tell us about your personal circumstances and why you require support.
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Please describe your area of study/expertise
MAX 200 WORDS Our opinion is that unique solutions come from diverse teams. We want to hear about what you study and we are interested in skills from ALL areas. We want diversity so please apply and bring your new skills.
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Any external links?
e.g., videos, publications, portfolios? We really like these!
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