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Unlike most email lists that you can simply opt-into, our exclusive email list is private. It's private because we actually respond to the replies that people send us, so we only want people who are serious on this list.

This list is ONLY for guys (and girls) that are ready to take their dating to the next level. Please do not apply if you're not 100% ready to explode your dating life and take massive action.

If you want to be considered for the list, simply answer the questions below.  If you're accepted onto the list, you'll start getting the daily emails from me within 48-72 hours.

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To be on this list, you MUST be someone who is serious about taking their dating life to the next level. This is NOT for people stuck in perpetual information-gathering-mode or who aren't ready to take action to improve. Tell me a little bit about your situation and what your dating experience has been like so far + where you want it to be. (This is your main chance to sell me on why you should be a part of this list. So the more detailed your response, the better) * *
In the last year, which courses, products, masterminds or events have you purchased? *
If you're accepted onto the email list, our assistant will manually add your email to the list. Please put your best email address below that you want to receive your emails at (no hotmail addresses please, as they tend to go to spam) *
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