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Win an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality HeadSet!
Welcome to our exclusive competition to win an Oculus Rift HeadSet, open to pilots and aircraft owners. To take part, write a review and/or record a brief video review of your aircraft or helicopter (owned or hired) and upload it via File Dropper. Then simply complete the review form below.
All the videos will be featured on, and we'll be picking the best one to win so make it as clear and engaging as possible!

Video Content:

- 2-3 minutes in length
- Include your aircraft and yourself ideally - plus a "video tour" including interior and exterior shots, close up on instrument panel, seats, baggage space if possible
- Introduce your aircraft type, make and model, year; and how long you have owned it
- Tell us a bit about it's performance, comfort, value and what you like about it
- Have you made any interesting adaptations? If so, show us!
- Do you have any useful tips or recommendations relating to your aircraft? We want to know!

IMPORTANT Technical Guidelines:

- Get a friend to film it for you. We want to be able to see both you and your aircraft clearly
- Videos can be recorded using a smartphone, so long as the camera is of decent quality - so test beforehand
- If you are using a smartphone, make sure it is being recorded in landscape
- Make sure there is enough light - no filming at night please!
- Whoever is recording should do their best to keep the camera as steady as possible

Guide for uploading:

- Once you have finished your video, transfer it to a PC or Mac (usually via USB cable)
- Then upload it to - Click the "Upload File" button, locate and select the video file.
- When it finishes uploading, it will present you with the link. Copy/save this link and insert it into the "File Dropper Link"
field below when filling out the form.

Any queries - contact or call on +44 (0) 208 939 7729

Terms & Conditions:
The prize from includes headset, sensor, Xbox controller & the Lucky’s Tale game. Check that your PC is compatible at The winner will be selected after 200 reviews have been submitted. The reviews will go live on the site later this year.

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