Whether or not you attended the Climate Strike on Sep. 20, we would love to hear your responses to the questions below! :)

*We are students at the Stiller School of Business from Champlain College looking to gather data regarding public interest for the Global Climate Strike and similar events. Any information you provide is greatly appreciated and will be used to make events like this better and more accessible in the future.*
(Optional) Name:
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How were you made aware of the Climate Strike?
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(If you attended the Climate Strike) Please in a few sentences, describe what you enjoyed most from the event.
(If you did not attend the Climate Strike) Please feel free to share why you did not choose to be there.
(If you attended the Climate Strike) What motivated you to participate in the Climate Strike?
Is there anything we could do in the future to make attending events such as the Climate Strike more appealing?
What do you think more people should be doing to help our environment? :)
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