Kal's Shopping Service
This is a fairly straight forward service. You put in what you need here. I go get the stuff and haul it back for a fee. Simples right? How much does that cost?

Jita price of items + 10% buyers fee + 1250 per m³ haulage cost.

So lets say you want 10m of goods at 1500 m³ of cargo space. That would be 10m + 1m + 1.875m for a total of 12.875m.

Once I have your order it will be delivered to your chosen station and contracted to you at the above rate. You will also receive an evemail invoice containing details of your order, the prices, fee breakdown and a screenshot that it actually cost that much!


Q: Why is there a buyers fee & a delivery fee?
A: Well this pays for my time and the capital I invest in getting your goods to you as well as jump fuel.

Q: Do I pay you ahead of time for my items?
A: No. I get paid when you accept the contract that includes my fees. I don't accept money ahead of time because that risks your capital in transport, not mine.

Q: Is there a max order?
A: Yes and No If your order IS over 2b I might ask you for a 50% deposit. I don't like doing it tbh but there's only so far my own liquid capital will cover at the moment. Also much like my JF service the cargo space is limited to 340000 m³ per run. More than that (say a dozen battleship order) will mean more trips and maybe a delay on the order.

Q: Will you drop off at other stations in the pocket or off Nourbal?
A: Yes but these runs will incur additional costs to me and as such a charge to yourself. Convo or eve mail me to discuss and select "other" in the field for drop off.

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