City of Boston Mayor's Youth Council 2019 New Member Application
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What are the two most important issues affecting young people, either in your neighborhood or across the city? How would you work with Mayor Walsh and stakeholders to change these? *
What issue would you focus on if you hosted a youth lead meeting in your community? *
What's more important, being a team leader, or being a team member? Or both? *
What clubs/organizations/hobbies do you participate in?
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MYC requires it's members to attend monthly board meetings and community meetings. Will your 2019-2020 school schedule and other obligations allow you to be an active participant? *
MYC members are required to participate in community service. Are you comfortable fulfilling this requirement ? *
MYC members are required to attend community events and meetings. Are you comfortable fulfilling this requirement ? *
If you are not selected as an MYC member, would you be interested in serving as a volunteer?
MYC applicants are required to complete group interviews. Are you available for group interviews between May 22nd- 24th ?
New MYC Applicants are encouraged to submit one letter of recommendation. You're welcome to request a letter from a teacher, mentor, employer and or organization. Can you submit this letter by May 7th? Please forward letters to
New MYC Applicants are encouraged to submit a resume. This resume is optional and will not affect your selection to serve on the council. This resume can detail your activities/interest/hobbies/awards/ organizations/ volunteer activities and more
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