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Human Library : A place where real people are on loan to readers and where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered.
Venue: LTs, Lecture Hall Complex, IIT Bombay | Date: 13th January,2019 | Time: 12:30 to 2:30 PM
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Here is the list of books for your reference, that we will be having at this year's Human Library
1. Facade:
You see happy faces, the people who speak and beam a smile at you. But do you wonder if that could all be a facade? Let those smiles, words not fool you.

2. The Burning Ice:
Would you believe if you were told that women molest too? Growing up in an ultra conservative background didn't help either. When the bright mind needed a pillar to hold onto, he was pushed to his misfortunes around his birth. He shrugged it off, turning every stone to diamond, moving past from darkness to life. Hear his story, in his words.

3. Banda Bravo:
Before you use Google, allow him to stump you with his answers! He might be faster and more accuratate for your query! Have a tête-à-tête with our Human Encyclopedia and find if smartness comes in degrees or pure knowledge.

4. Flying the kkkkk Kites:
Journey of a young boy who could not express what he felt due to a stammer & mispronunciation to becoming an adult who mentors others kids in confident public interaction. He lost 20 friends on a single day because of being unable to say cricket and kite...really? Have we really unfriended people something as silly? But then..are speech issue's silly? Find out yourself.

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The Burning Ice
Banda Bravo
Flying the kkkkkk Kites
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