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Jayne has limited space to bring items for conferences and signings. If you pre-order, you're guaranteed to get what you want without worrying she will sell out if you don't get around to her table soon enough.

After submitting your pre-order, Jayne will send you a Paypal invoice to be paid no later than one week in advance of the event. She will only allocate space in her luggage or car for your items and guarantee their availability if the order is paid. If you're unable to attend the event after pre-ordering, shipping the order at actual cost can be arranged instead.

Thank you so much for your interest!
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See www.jaynerylon.com/shop for pictures and details
T-Shirts & Hoodies - Ordering Apparel Ahead is HIGHLY Recommended
The selection of design, sizes and colors is too varied to add to this form. It also changes often as people order off of Jayne's site. Please go to www.readertees.com and find the design, size and color you prefer (ex. Read Past Bedtime, Biggest Lie, Bookaholic, World Belongs to Readers, Hot Rods and more!). Copy the link from the page of the item you want and paste it below. Jayne will pull it from inventory for you and take it off the site. Because of the variety of products, there aren't usually that many of each type in stock and she can't bring them all to the conferences. Ordering apparel ahead of time is highly recommended. Thank you!
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