JUG UA: Bridging the Gap Between Database and Stream with Speedment (live stream)
When: July 23, 19:00 – 21:30
Where: online, EPAM Ukraine career YouTube channel


Bridging the Gap Between Database and Stream (Emil Forslund - project Speedment, Palo Alto)

Whenever you write code that mixes languages and domains, like Java and SQL, you are going to get bugs. A solution to this is to move away from query languages like SQL and instead write your business logic with the type-safe and object oriented constructs we have learned to love in Java, like Streams, Predicates and Functions. In this talk, you will rediscover the power of the Stream interface in a completely new domain; relational databases. You will also learn how nicely it blends in with your existing application, even with no modifications on the database layer. This will not only increase your productivity, but also help you build safer and more maintainable Java code.
Please, pay attention! To be able to attend this event in person you need to get a ticket: https://2event.com/events/1470016
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