Community Consultation Survey 2017

Greetings / Kia ora / Kia orana / Talofa lava / Malo e lelei / Namaste / Mauri

    Information about this survey

    This survey is for parents, family and whanau members or caregivers - together these people are called parents in this survey. This survey is about how well Manurewa Central School supports students to feel they belong at school and can learn.

    There are statements in this survey.

    Each statement asks you how much you agree or disagree that a particular practice happens at school.
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    Please answer every question you can by choosing the option that is closest to your experiences with our school.

    If you are unsure about a response, please choose the option that is closest to your experiences with the school.

    This survey is anonymous.

    No names are recorded. The survey does ask one question about you. This question is used to place you in a group for reporting purposes only. Thank you for your responses which will enable us to assess and review current school practices which affect all students in all aspects of life within our school.

    During the last two years, the school has been working to address some of the changes or improvements suggested by parents and whanau as a result of our 2015 Community Consultation.

    We are pleased to report progress on the following:

    School houses have been introduced from Year 0 - 6 to encourage tuakana/teina relationships across the school and provide an element of competition at whole school events. The introduction of a school orchestra has provided opportunity for our children to learn a stringed instrument and perform as an orchestra. Ten keyboards and thirty ukuleles have also been purchased to enable younger students to play a musical instrument. The newsletter format has been revised and includes visual images of children's successes. The school has continued to grow its orchard and has incorporated small garden projects into curriculum learning. This is an area for development in 2018. The school has been working with an outside facilitator to develop gifted and talented education. Students' health programmes have included topics such as: sunsmart, stranger danger, Kia Kaha (an anti bullying resource) and keeping ourselves safe. We have also used outside providers such as the Life Education Caravan, Auckland Transport and NZ Police to focus on issues such as 'healthy lifestyles.' 'Making Maths Count' workshops have been held for parents to support home/school partnerships in the learning of mathematics. The school has participated in most of the MPSSA interschool sports opportunities this year including: swimming, soccer, rugby, netball and 'girls' day out'. We continue to value the need to provide a variety of lunch-time activities for students. The school sports budget and fundraising events have allowed us to purchase; scooter boards, trampolines, scooters, tow ropes and skipping ropes etc. Since 2015, Tama Toa, Te Aho Tapu and our Whanau programme have been established to provide rich cultural experiences that focus on Maori Kaupapa and Te Reo Maori. Language weeks are celebrated across the school. Physical education opportunities continue to provide opportunities for individuals at all levels of ability.

    If this survey raises any concerns you would like to talk about, please contact someone you feel comfortable with at school. This could be your child's teacher or a member of the senior management team.

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    This school makes all students and parents feel welcome
    Staff treat students and families with respect
    This school is a safe place for my child
    At school my child is accepted for who they are
    We have a positive relationship with the teachers and senior leadership team
    I feel able to approach the school and seek support when I have a concern over my child's learning, behaviour or wellbeing
    Our school supports and celebrates children from different cultures
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    The individual learning needs of my child/ren are being met across a range of subjects
    Manurewa Central School provides high quality teaching and learning
    My child/ren make(s) good progress in learning at Manurewa Central School
    My child is encouraged to take part in dance, music, sport, leadership and cultural activities
    Children with identified special learning needs are well catered for
    Children identified as gifted are supported
    Children who are new to New Zealand are supported in their new environment
    My child/ren have access to suitable computers and devices (e.g. Tablets) to support learning
    My child/ren receives appropriate homework for their age
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