2017 Application
Following an inaugural program season in 2016, the partnership behind Sedona Summer Colony is proud to announce the 2017 residency program for artists and cultural managers, running from June 28 to August 5. Three blocks of residencies will be offered: 1) the entire summer program period; 2) residency between June 28 and July 14; and 3) residency between July 25 and August 5. Sedona Summer Colony provides housing, meals, and work space on the Verde Valley School campus, and optional excursions off-site. Those intending to apply should first read the 2017 Sedona Summer Colony Frequently Asked Questions, complete this online application form, and provide the requested support materials before the March 31 deadline.

The 2017 Sedona Summer Colony program will be limited to a maximum of 50 residents per day, and is not open to spouses, partners, children, relatives, or pets—unless they apply as artists or cultural managers and are accepted separately. If you have any questions not addressed in the application materials—feel free to contact Eric Holowacz at Sedona Arts Center ( or 928-282-3809) or Carol Holyoake at Verde Valley School ( or 928-284-2272).

Successful applicants will be notified by April 15 and invited to plan their residency at Sedona Summer Colony (within the dates indicated above). Fees will be $65/day (or $30/day for local/day residents). Following the invitation, a deposit will be required to confirm dates, work space, and other residency details. Sedona Summer Colony staff will assist each incoming resident and advise on logistics, ground transportation, and project development needs as they plan and finalize their residency. We thank you for your interest in Sedona Summer Colony and look forward to receiving your application form and supplementary materials.

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If you have any special needs, allergies, mobility concerns or other limitations during the residency, please indicate below.
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Have you read the 2017 Sedona Summer Colony Frequently Asked Questions?
Residency Information
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If applying as a Cultural Manager, please describe your institution, role, mission, and programming
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If applying as an Artist, please describe your discipline, practice, and creative process, as well as expected studio/production needs
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Goals and Objectives: what you would to accomplish during a 2017 Sedona Summer Colony residency?
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Residency Dates
For the 2017 Sedona Summer Colony, three residencies blocks will be offered: 1) the entire summer program period, June 28 to August 5; 2) residency between June 28 and July 14; and 3) residency between July 25 and August 5. Sedona Artists, who already have housing, are encouraged to apply for a Day Residency for any of the blocks. We encourage invited residents to plan to arrive before dinner on the start date, and depart by noon on the final date. Those requiring alternate arrival/departure dates should indicate intended dates in the next section.
Alternate Arrival / Departure
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Studio / Workspace Needs
Other Residency Needs
Sedona Excursions and Opportunities
Sedona Summer Colony offers optional excursions and field trips during the program, in order to connect residents with local culture, geography, landscapes, and heritage. If you have specific research interests, or would like to be involved in opportunities not listed below, please describe in the Other section.
Please Indicate Your Interests
Supplemental Application Materials
After reading the Frequently Asked Questions, understanding the program fees, and completing the above form, the final step is to forward your support materials (CV, sample files, website, letters of recommendation) by email to Please include your name in the Subject Line to help us identify your materials. Applications may be made after the March 31 deadline, but late selections will only be possible if space remains available. Those applying before March 31, and invited to attend the 2017 Sedona Summer Colony, will be notified in April. A deposit will be required to secure a place in the program.

— Curriculum Vitae / Biography

— Samples of Your Work / Website

— Up to Three Letters of Support

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