Polyglot Conference Global 2020 Proposals

At this year’s conference, we will have five separate tracks for papers and presentations, all related to our overall theme of "A Window into My World”, honouring our global cultures, languages and traditions.

I. A Window into My World

II. Black & Minority Voices

III. People with disabilities

IV. The Road to Cholula

V. Other Language-related Topics

Track I. A Window into My World

In this track, we would like to hear about things that are important to you. You have the opportunity to show us your world, your reality and your community, wherever you are in the world. You can give a guided tour of your physical environment, highlighting cultural and linguistic points of interest. You can show the beautfy of your daily life. This is an opportunity to celebrate where you are in the world, talking about topics that are important to society there and highlight programmes and activities that make where you are special to you. It is your chance to let where you are shine its light on the rest of the world as part of the Polyglot Conference.

If you have a paper that you passionately feel comes under this topic please submit it here.

Track II. Black & Minority Voices

In this track, we would like to celebrate the language, cultural heritage and knowledge within black & minority communities around the world. Their languages, dialects and cultures have so far not been represented anywhere near as much as others and this is an opportunity to redress that imbalance. You could explore topics ranging from African languages, cultures and dialects as well as historical and cultural narratives right through to its modern trends and present day issues facing the peoples of Africa. You may also explore African-origin communities and topics, including language variants that have arisen over more recent generations. You may also consider indigenous communities and other minorities in any given part of the world to talk about topics important to them. You may also belong to another minority in society, which is not necessarily covered by ethnicity and may have something to share here too from your perspective.

If you have a paper that you passionately feel comes under this topic please submit it here

Track III. People with disabilities

In this track, we would like to celebrate the achievements of those who consider themselves people with disabilities for whatever reason. We would like to know how they adapt their world to language learning and exploration. This is an opportunity to inspire others who are struggling to see their way forward with language studies. We would like to learn about practical ways to learn differently in line with our own uniqueness. It is also a chance to tell others how our differences can sometimes impact on our lives in the learning process.

If you have a paper that you passionately feel comes under this topic please submit it here

Track IV. The Road to Mexico

In this track, we would like to celebrate the host country for 2021, its languages, dialects and cultures. You could explore topics ranging from historic, classical topics related to Mexico to its modern trends or venture into Mexico's linguistic diversity.

If you have a paper that you passionately feel comes under this topic please submit it here

Track V. Other Language-related Topics

At the Polyglot Conference, we like to keep some space available to people with genuinely interesting topics that do not fit the overall themes so easily. You may feel free to submit something you feel strongly about, or something you feel will be of interest to our global audience.


Preliminary deadline: We will accept proposals from now until 31st July 2020, at which point we will make our selection from among the submissions. If slots remain open after that date, we will continue to accept proposals until we have a full program.


Publication: All presentations will be recorded by you and submitted ahead of the Polyglot Conference in October. You will need to submit your final presentation of 30-45 minutes to us by 31st August. The videos submitted will be put on our social media channels for the week of the Polyglot Conference and then made private and released every two weeks for the wider public over the course of the following months. These videos will be made only for use by the Polyglot Conference and cannot be redistributed on other channels. Full rights to the content will belong to the Polyglot Conference from that point. The Polyglot Conference will highlight your work, celebrate your contribution and include your website information and social media pages in the video description. If you apply to talk at the event, you agree to the details and deadlines above, including the publication and distribution of these images and videos by the Polyglot Conference on their official channels.


We will collate questions from the presentations for your to answer during a LIVE Q&A session, which we will schedule with you or you may wish to make a video to tackle those questions separately, which we will release to the Polyglot Conference audience.


You can present in the language of your choice. There are options available on the form above to let us know, which language you would like to use. We strongly encourage languages other than English for the presentations. All presentations will have a time slot of 30-45 minutes each. We will aim to organise live Q&A sessions separately also after people have had chance to watch your presentation.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 31st July 2020 23:00 Central European Time
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