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Musicians as Mentors presents - a 30 minute Zoomcast to hear from and talk to a featured, recording, guest artist TUESDAYs at 2pm for 6 weeks from April 28-June 2 - and this is offered FREE to you!

Access to real musicians and producers that you can listen to and ask your questions is something I wish I had growing up. I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere and had NO idea the music business could be so big! I never even saw a live concert until I was out of college. I only had access to learning "traditional music" in band and choir in middle and high school. I want YOU to know more. I want YOU to have more. I want you to be INSPIRED!
With respect,
Think podcast - on Zoom, the goal is to simply put music possibilities in front of you -- INSPIRATION! This is a weekly meeting time to feature guest artists and producers, Q&A, and sample a performance.
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