USD 444 Parent Survey- Continuous Learning
The following is a survey to gather input from parents/families on the Continuous Learning
Plan that is being implemented in USD 444 as a result of the Governor's Executive Order
#20-07. The district desires a response from each family so that the transition to a
continuous learning environment may be as seamless as possible. The survey should only take a few minutes. Your input is very important to staff as we prepare a plan. Our plan is to have information to share out by the end of the week regarding your child's educational plan for the remainder of this school year. If you have essential items at school please contact your building principal via email. A plan will be established to get technology items and/or essential items this week.
Email address *
Name of Parent/Guardian
Name and grade of all children in family that attend USD 444. Please put full name and grade level of your students.
How many children in your family aged 1-18 would regularly participate in the lunch program if offered during the school closure period.
Does your home have access to internet connectivity (not counting cell phone)?
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If your home does not have access to internet connectivity, do you or someone in the family have access to the internet via cell phone?
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What devices does your family own at home to connect to the internet that are NOT district owned and are not a cellphone (i.e.-do not count the district Chromebook that students in grades 7-12 possess/use and do not count any cellphones)? (Mark all that apply.)
During school closure, who will be providing childcare for your family? *
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This is an unprecedented period for our world, country, state, community, and schools. The school district (and every district in Kansas) is readying to implement a continuous learning plan that is completely without peer or model. What additional information would you like to share with the district about your personal household circumstance that can assist the district with the transition to a continuous learning environment that best meets the needs of all students. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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