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It is important for each participant to carefully and thoroughly complete and submit the information requested on this form at least 2 weeks prior to your course start date. This information will be kept confidential and used only by our leaders for the planning of your trip.

If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us:
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The following information is for sizing equipment. Age specification is only necessary for those under 18, but helpful for planning regardless.
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Health History Information
Due to the remote nature of wilderness travel you will be in area with delayed access to definitive medical care. Please answer each question thoroughly, even if you think it is minor or not applicable.
Your general level of fitness. Feel free to let us know what you currently do to stay healthy and in shape. *
Do you have any general health issues? Any issues that may come up specific to camping, cold weather, exertion, lifting, etc? *
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Meal Preferences
We strive to prepare high quality, tasty and nutritious meals. Though we can't always cater to exact desires, your guide will prepare the menu with your preferences in mind. Please be sure to give full details of food allergies and potential physical reactions.
Do you have any specific food allergies? Please describe. *
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A bit more about you...
To better help us plan your trip please share some of your goals and expectations for your trip. Why are you coming? What do you hope to get out of it? Is there anything in particular that you most want to see or experience? What do you expect from your guide? Your group members?
What is your camping experience? Winter experience? *
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