Real stories from open adoption relationships: pitfalls and successes

Hello, and thanks for being willing to share your story/stories with us for possible inclusion in our upcoming book, "The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption" ( Through February 17 we are seeking brief anecdotes from within your OA relationship that show something helpful or caution others how to avoid or resolve a problem that you encountered.

If you are a social worker, we invite you to tell stories you have seen unfold among your clients.

The story categories we seek at this time are:

1. Communication issues -- what you did well or what you had to work out
2. Safety issues (where someone in your adoption constellation is deemed unsafe)
3. Recovering from a broken agreement (would like to hear from a birth parent)

Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions for up to three of these categories.

Please note that anonymity in the book is possible, though we will need to be able to reach you privately.

Thank you!
Lori (( and Crystal
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