July 2024

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                                                        𐐪♡𐑂  RULES OF CONDUCT  𐐪♡𐑂 

 Kawaii Secrets don't accept items that go against Second Life TOS  
Copybot Items are NOT Allowed
 1 Items must be exclusive(s), never previously sold.
 Only Stores with vendors and good quality products will be accepted.
 Allowed to ONLY use the BOOTH area, don't put ANYTHING beyond the booth Limit!
♡ Stay within the established prim limits, if too many prims are placed the designer will be warned.
 Respect the payment deadline, otherwise the store will be REPLACED!
 Respect the SETUP deadline otherwise a fee of 1500L will be charged for 1 extra day.

                                                        𐐪♡𐑂  BOOTH PRICE  𐐪♡𐑂   
♡ Sponsor Booth - 5,000 L$  with 150 prims available
 Regular Booth - 3,000 L$ with 60 prims available

                                                        𐐪♡𐑂  EXTENSION FEE  𐐪♡𐑂   
♡ Sponsor / Regular  - 2,000 L$ ( Applicable just if needed )

*Due to high volume of applications, there is no guarantee you will receive the selected booth type

                                                        𐐪♡𐑂  PRODUCT RULES  𐐪♡𐑂 

Only Stores with Kawaii/Cute items will be accepted
You MUST have 1 exclusive item "Original Mesh"
 It is mandatory to place 1 Item with 60L Price (It does not have to be a NEW item, as long as it is of good quality and up to date).
 NEXT UP System are accepted.

                                                             𐐪♡𐑂  SCHEDULE 𐐪♡𐑂

𐐪♡𐑂 [09th each month] OPENING APPLICATION FOR DESIGNERS  ( From the previous month of the opening )

𐐪♡𐑂 [14th/ each month]  STARTS THE ROUND PAYMENT  ( From the previous month of the opening )

𐐪♡𐑂 [24th/ each month]  END THE ROUND PAYMENT  ( From the previous month of the opening )  

[27th/each month] BEGIN EVENT SETUP  ( From the previous month of the opening )

[02th/each month] END OF SETUP

𐐪♡𐑂 [03th/each months] EXTRA TIME FOR SETUP (1500L$ FEE)

𐐪♡𐑂 [04th/each month] " KAWAII SECRETS  " ROUND OPENING (12PMSLT)

𐐪♡𐑂 [24th/each month] "KAWAII SECRETS" ROUND ENDING 

                                                         𐐪♡𐑂 SOCIAL MEDIA  𐐪♡𐑂

Site: https://www.kawaiisecretsl.com
Flickr:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/kawaiisecretsl/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100093571024899
Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/@KawaiiSecrets_sl

                                                                𐐪♡𐑂 STAFF  𐐪♡𐑂

𐐪♡𐑂 If you have any questions, contact our Staff: ⤵

𐐪♡𐑂 OWNER  𐐪♡𐑂
ʏᴜɴᴏ (cherrysp)

𐐪♡𐑂 MANAGER  𐐪♡𐑂
♡ Eleanor Evergarden

The Kawaii Secrets Team wishes you a great day  𐐪♡𐑂
                                         9th Round Preview Video May 2024
Store Name  *
Owner SL Name 
Manager SL Name ( If applicable )
Store Flickr URL 
Mainstore SLURL 
Provide us a link with your Store logo to Download 
Booths Options
What do you create in your store  *
Other important information about your Store 

Kawaii Secrets event was created to showcase the cutest creations within Second Life.
With this in mind, items that do not fit the event theme will not be permitted or accepted.

The event management has the full privilege to request the exchange or removal of any item that does not fit the event theme.

"However, the Kawaii Secrets team will be flexible and will always try to reach an agreement between both parts" 

To facilitate the management of Sponsors and Regulars, the Kawaii Secrets Event has a waiting list. This means that if a store chooses a sponsor booth and it is not available, the store agrees to be placed as a Regular until there is an opportunity to move up to Sponsor ♡
You agree to pay the Kawaii Secrets fee in the payment room once your store is accepted (Payment must be made directly to your store logo)
                        𐐪♡𐑂 The Kawaii Secrets Team wishes you a great day 𐐪♡𐑂
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