Spring 2018 Jump Fundamentals Application (Session II)
Welcome to the application for our proprietary Jump Fundamentals learning program; a four-week, online-based paid learning program for a select number of our most passionate community members from around the world. We're excited to offer our Jump Fundamentals for a cost of $249. If selected, you will receive:

Structure: Build and support your jump journey through goal-setting, vision planning, reflection exercises, and participation.

Education: Our unique syllabus contains dynamic coursework, homework assignments, compelling weekly reflection topics, proprietary When to Jump insights and frameworks, and exclusive content from our mentors and others in our member community to support you as you achieve your jump.

Connection: Engage with a curated group of other like-minded jumpers (and jumpers-to-be) from around the world. You’ll receive access to our private Jump Fundamentals Facebook network during and after completion of the program so you can share support and encouragement.

Inspiration: Relevant and topical material curated and delivered weekly through various mediums: content to read, to watch, and to listen to, based on the class subject at hand.

Additionally, you’ll receive sneak-peeks, special offers and extras for upcoming WTJ programs, events, and experiences.

What past Jump Fundamentals participants have said about this program:

"There is nothing more inspiring than being surrounded with people who are also determined to live life on their own terms and I'm incredibly excited and grateful for the opportunity to go through this journey with them." - Estella, Texas

"I've never met so many people who are so different (geographically, professionally, etc.), yet who share so many of the same perspective about the meaning of work - that it should be passionate, fulfilling, and certainly more than just a way to pay the bills. I am particularly grateful to have made a connection with two specific members of the course, who I met up with in person last week. After getting to know each other and discussing our jump plans, we've committed to continue meeting on a bi-weekly basis to give updates and do goal-setting related to our jumps. I'm so excited to have them by my side on the road ahead!" - Hannah, London

"I love the JA program. The videos, podcasts and questions have been very thought provoking and have helped me shore up my courage (and given me the practical steps) to make my jump. Having a supportive community who are all in similar places makes all the difference" - Ellen,

We're so glad you've decided to apply. Take your time and give it all you've got.

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