Fall Semester 2020 Voice Lessons
Please submit the type of lessons you’d like to take, and the times you are available for lessons. I will let you know your assigned time before the semester begins.
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Studio Policies
Please read and accept the studio policies below, especially the COVID-19 guidelines.
LESSONS: Students have one-on-one lessons, 30 or 60 minutes each week. Private Students participate in Studio Recitals, which are held twice a year. Curriculum includes individualized technique (including genres other than Classical, such as Broadway, belt, and pop-legit), Italian art songs, Folk songs, and arias. We may also branch into German, French, or Spanish art song as appropriate to the student’s development and language skills. *
PAYMENT: Monthly tuition for Private Lessons is $120 (30 minute lessons) or $240 (60 minute lessons) and is due monthly at the beginning of the month at your first lesson or earlier. Tuition includes New Student Packet and weekly private half hour lesson. A $25 late fee will be assessed for late tuition; if you need me to hold a check, I am happy to do so until the 10th of each month. Please notify me. I accept Venmo @Mandi-Barrus, cash, or check made out to “Mandi Barrus”. You can pay by credit card through PayPal for an additional 4% handling fee. *
BOUNCED CHECK POLICY: You will be responsible for any bank fees in the event of a check bouncing. If there is more than one incidence of bounced checks, you will be asked to leave the studio, no refunds. Please do not post-date checks unless we have discussed the situation. *
FEES: In Private Lessons, there will be a $50 Recital Fee twice per year. (See also Recitals section) *
LESSON CANCELLATION POLICY: Please try to make every effort to accommodate your scheduled lesson time. If you do need to miss your lesson, please kindly give me at least 24-hours’ notice. Forgotten or missed lessons (no-shows) or any other lessons that fail to provide 24-hours’ notice, will NOT be eligible for a makeup lesson. No exceptions. *
MAKEUP LESSON POLICY: STUDENT-CAUSED ABSENCE (When the teacher is available and ready to teach but the student cancels with 24-hours’ notice) I know life is busy and things come up, that is why it is my policy is to offer a make up lesson WITH 24-hours’ notice. If you give me 24-hours’ notice, I will issue a make up credit. It is the student’s responsibility to login to the Student Portal and reschedule their lesson using the make up credit within one week from the missed lesson. If you don’t see any times that work in your schedule, please email me with a list of times that work for you, and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule. Makeups will not roll over from month to month or from semester to semester. No reimbursement or monetary credit will be given to those that do not take advantage of makeup opportunities. In addition, if a student schedules a makeup lesson and then cancels or otherwise no-shows for any reason, no additional makeup opportunity will be offered. *
MAKEUP LESSON POLICY: INSTRUCTOR-CAUSED ABSENCE (When the student is planning on lessons but the teacher has to cancel) It is my policy to do everything I can to maintain my scheduled lessons. If ever I am unable to attend a lesson, I will reschedule for a different private lesson time that week. I expect these occasions to be very few and far between. Students will not be refunded tuition or granted a makeup lesson if they choose not to attend the rescheduled lesson we have agreed to. If schedules cannot align or situations otherwise prevent a reschedule from being conveniently possible due to my absence, we will discuss the possibility of a lesson credit. Lesson credits will ONLY be applied under the circumstance of an “instructor-caused absence,” and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. *
STUDENT ILLNESS: In an effort not to spread sickness to me or other students, I kindly ask that students DO NOT come into the studio in the event they are sick with a contagious illness. Instead, we will use Zoom to carry out the lesson during the normal scheduled lesson time. If the student is unable to attend the regular lesson remotely, students will be eligible to make up the lesson IF 24-hours’ notice is given. *
COVID-19 GUIDELINES: During this time of pandemic, there are special rules we will follow to keep everyone as safe as possible. If attending In Person lessons, students must: 1. Wear a mask when not singing 2. Maintain a distance of 6 feet or as close to 6 feet as possible 3. Wash hands before commencing the lesson 4. Enter only at their lesson time to avoid cross-contamination 5. Monitor symptoms and temperature, and may NOT come to In Person lessons if they are experiencing a temperature of 100.4 or above; difficulty breathing; sore throat; sudden change in taste or smell; or muscle aches or pains. I am happy to change to a Zoom lesson if you are experiencing any symptoms. *
TEMPORARY LEAVE-OF-ABSENCE: I occasionally get requests for a student to take a temporary leave-of-absence due to seasonal sports, busy schedules or other temporary conflicts with their designated time slot. Unfortunately, because of the way my semester schedule is booked out in blocks of time, and due to my long waiting list, I cannot hold spots for students that choose to take extended time off. With that said, I will address every situation on a case-by-case basis and do everything I can to come up with some sort of temporary solution. In the event we are unable to make something work, please read through the suggestions below as other potential options for keeping your time slot while still making the most of it! *
OWNING YOUR TIME SLOT: When signing up for voice lessons with me, you are buying a slot of time in my schedule. Since you own it, you can use that time any way you want. I am open to families using the allotted time in different ways. For example, if a student is unable to attend a lesson, parents may use the time slot to send another child in their spot or try a lesson themselves, or adults may elect to send one of their children in to try out a lesson. However you choose to use the time is entirely up to you, although a heads’ up is always appreciated. I will be here, ready for the lesson! *
PRACTICE: Practicing is the cornerstone of becoming proficient in any new skill. I require practice time to participate in voice lessons. You will be provided with a notebook in which to record your practice sessions and any questions/discoveries that occur to you during the week. *
RECITALS: Studio Recitals are usually held twice a year in May and December; Private Students may participate and should plan to perform one to two songs memorized. I hire a professional accompanist and book a recital space. No tickets are necessary—please invite family members and friends you wish to attend. The fee to participate is $50, and information for each recital will be emailed out 3 months in advance. Studio Recitals may change due to Pandemic accommodations. *
SIGNATURE: I understand and agree to all policies as set forth above. I will abide by them, or I will be asked to leave the studio without refund. I will complete this form to continue as a Private Student. My name written below (along with a parent/guardian's name, in the event student is a minor) constitutes my electronic signature. *
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