New Eyes Volunteer Application
New Eyes Mission and Vision Statement

Our Mission is to love women working in the Arkansas sex industry the way that Jesus would love them.

Our vision is to boldly love women in the sex industry by going to where they are and bringing them the message of hope. Through our outreaches we offer support by communicating with them that they are unconditionally loved and valued by God and by serving as a bridge to connect them with community resources that they may need.

Disclaimer: A marked interest does not guarantee a position with New Eyes Corp. We withhold the right to accept or decline applicants and position volunteers according to the organizations need.
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*New volunteers will serve on the prayer team for 3 months before joining the street team
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We value consistent and committed volunteers as it is important to our mission. We ask that volunteers do their best to prioritize outreach nights each month. *With the exception of December (which is done earlier) Although rare, outreach nights are subject to change.
Spiritual Walk
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Church Information
We believe that being planted in a church home is an important part of living a spiritually healthy and flourishing life. We understand that you may be in a season where you have not found a church home. We simply ask that you be actively involved in a community of like-minded individuals focused on spiritual growth.
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Please include all personal or work related experience that you believe has prepared you to serve on the New Eyes Team.
We ask that you provide a pastoral reference letter from a pastor, church staff or ministry director. That reference letter can be emailed to
In addition, we ask that you provide us with one other referrals. Please list the name, number, and email of each reference.
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