The Community Connect Initiative
The Community Connect Initiative has been developed to connect our Members and local communities. With all of our Members interests and hobbies in mind, we have developed meet-ups in local areas that allow Members to connect with others who have similar interests, all with the support of our Heroes!

The meet-ups provide an opportunity to make new friends, get out and about in the community and have some fun!

Below you can place your interest in Meet-ups that suit your skills, goals and passions. If you can't find something for you, share your ideas at the bottom and we will work to make it happen!
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The Coffee Connections Club
The Coffee Connections Club is a meet-up group designed for middle aged to older Members in the Home Care Heroes community. The group meets at a different cafe local to the Sydney city centre every week to enjoy a cuppa together in Sydney's most beautiful locations and make new friends.

Day: 10:30am - 12:30pm on Mondays
Regularity: Weekly
I am interested in participating in the Coffee Connections Club
The Castle Hill Kids Club
The Castle Hill Kids Club is made for young Members from 14-18 years of age in the North Sydney and North-West Sydney areas. The group meets fortnightly and participates in a range of activities from flip-out to bush walks. In addition to activities, the group also allows Members to work on key skills with the support of their Hero such as travel training and social skills.

Day: Sunday 11:30am - 1:30pm
Regularity: Fortnightly
I am interested in participating in the Castle Hill Kids Club
The HCH Bowling League Team
The HCH Bowling League Team gets together on a fortnightly basis to play in the south-east area of Sydney. They also participate in the monthly accessible bowling league run at 710 Bowling, Fairfield. With teams of 3, this meet-up is open for all.

Join with your friends or let us place you in a team of like-minded Members.

Day: Monday evenings

Regularity: Fortnightly
I am interested in participating in the HCH Bowling League Team
Saturday Walking Meet-up
This meet-up is run on the Sydney North Shore to Eastern suburbs and involves a group of active Members in their 20's-40's who try out some of the best walks in Sydney together. Each Member is supported by a Hero.

Day: Saturday

Regularity: Fortnightly
I am interested in participating in the Saturday Walking Meet-up
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