2019 Affiliate Group Sign-On Letter to Presidential Candidates
Representatives of all NPCA affiliate groups are strongly encouraged to sign on to this letter, which will be sent to all presidential candidates this fall. THE DEADLINE FOR SIGN-ON IS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13TH, 2019. NPCA will send the letter (text below) to each candidate as part of an information packet about Peace Corps and national service opportunities. We ask for one representative to sign the letter on behalf of the group, by answering the form questions below.

Dear Candidate for President,

As leaders of ____ affiliate groups of National Peace Corps Association (NPCA), representing more than ____ individuals from across our nation, we respectfully urge you to consider incorporating Peace Corps into your foreign policy and national service platforms.

Since 1961, Peace Corps has demonstrated the greatness of the American spirit to people in more than 141 nations. Currently, 7,300 volunteers serve as ambassadors of American goodwill on the front lines of development in over 60 countries worldwide. Working in hot spots like Central America and Ukraine, these future leaders in all sectors of American society are subtly addressing the context behind our most heated headlines. From the horrendous conditions that push people to leave their homelands in search of a better life, to the health issues that transcend international borders, Peace Corps Volunteers work hand in hand with local friends and partners at the grassroots level to improve the lives of those left forgotten in underserved communities.

However, Peace Corps has the potential to do far more. The number of citizens who want to serve our nation as Peace Corps Volunteers far exceed available positions, with over 18,000 applicants applying annually for approximately 3,700 volunteer opportunities. Meanwhile, requests for volunteers from nations around the world exceeds current capacity.

As a candidate for president we urge you to:

* Set a goal of no less than 10,000 Peace Corps Volunteers annually.
* Include and speak to the importance of Peace Corps as a vital part of America’s foreign policy.
* Encourage more Americans to join the Peace Corps and other national service programs.

We hope you will utilize this opportunity to become a vocal champion of the Peace Corps. The national stage that you command during the campaign provides you with an opportunity to inspire a new generation of Americans by highlighting this call to serve a higher cause.

It was this type of campaign setting in 1960 that inspired presidential candidate John F. Kennedy to call for the creation of Peace Corps in front of a crowd of idealistic young Americans at the University of Michigan, helping to propel him to the White House. The idealistic Americans of yesteryear, as today, yearn to believe in the positive potential of our country to make a lasting contribution to the human spirit. In 1979, one of America’s great journalists Hugh Sidey wrote “When all is said and done, politics is a business of belief and enthusiasm. Hope energizes, doubt destroys. Hopelessness is not our heritage.”

Thank you for your service to our country and for considering this request. We will look forward to learning more about your foreign policy and national service platforms in the coming months.


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