Pines Elementary AIG Parent Survey (3-5)
In this survey you will share your input about your child's interests, strengths and needs as well as your vision upon his/her giftedness. The information shared will be used to provide AIG services within the classroom/ school. Thank you in advance.
Student's name, age, and grade level *
Parent's name filling this document, phone and email. *
I understand how my child was identified as gifted. *
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I understand how to proceed if have questions about the AIG services my child receives. *
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How would you describe your child academically? *
How would you describe your child socially? *
Which are your child's interests academically, socially, and activities to do during free time? *
What is your vision for your child's future? *
Please add any other detail you would like us to know and consider when providing services to your child. *
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