Psychology 210 Placement Exam Information and RSVP
On this page you will find information on the Psychology 210 placement exam. This information is also available online at the department's website. After reading this, if you are eligible and interested in taking the placement exam, please answer the question below to provide your contact information on the next page.

Qualifications to take the PSYC 210 placement exam

1. To take the exam, you must have a background in basic statistics as indicated by credit on your transcript for a college statistics course, such as STOR 151, STOR 155, SOCI 252 or ECON 400. This credit may be transfer, by exam (BE) or regular course credit. This credit must have been earned prior to taking the exam.

2. Students must have credit for PSYC 101 before taking this exam. This credit may be transfer, by exam (BE), or regular course credit. This credit must have been earned prior to taking the exam.

3. Students who have already taken PSYC 210 may not take this exam.

4. The PSYC 210 placement exam may be taken only once.

Exam schedule

The exam date is usually the day before classes start in the Fall (August) and Spring (January) term. The next scheduled exam is TUESDAY January 8th, 1-3pm in Howell Hall 115. If you would like to take the exam mid-semester or at the end of a semester, please contact Dr. Sathy at to schedule it.

Exam format and content

1. Approximately 90 multiple-choice questions to be completed within 2 hours.

2. Content: Descriptive and inferential statistics and their application to psychological data. Topics: Variables, frequency distributions, central tendency, variability, z scores, probability, sampling distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, normal distribution, t-tests, ANOVA, chi square, correlation, regression.

3. The exam tests for knowledge and understanding of statistical concepts. No questions about equations or statistical software. No calculations.

4. Use the textbook from your introductory statistics course to review the topics listed above. If you no longer have your stat book, there are several textbooks at UNC libraries. Some examples: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences by Gravetter and Wallnau; Understanding Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences by Pagano; Statistics for Psychology by Aron et al.; Statistical Reasoning by King and Minium.

Exam materials

1. Bring a scantron answer sheet, pencils, eraser, and your OneCard or other photo ID.
2. No calculators are allowed during the exam.
3. No cell phones, laptops, or other electronic devices are allowed during the exam.
4. No crib sheets, cheat sheets, equation sheets, or any other kind of external aid allowed.

Exam scoring

1. If you earn a score of 75% or higher, then you will be awarded credit for PSYC 210 (BE, 3 credits).

2. If enrolled in PSYC 210, then remain enrolled in it and have enough credit hours to drop PSYC 210 if BE credit is awarded. University policy requires that students be registered for 12 academic hours or more. It is a student responsibility to register for classes and maintain a full credit load.

3. There is no fee for the exam. There is no penalty for not achieving a passing score. Students who score less than 75% will receive no credit for PSYC 210 and should complete the course as planned.

Exam results

Exam results will be emailed to you later the day of the exam.

Honor Code

You must sign the Honor Pledge at the beginning of the exam. You must take the exam without use of any unauthorized equipment and materials. You must not cheat from another student or allow another student to cheat from you. Students who cheat on this exam will receive a 0. In addition, the violation of the Honor Code will be reported to the Honor Court and to the student’s PSYC 210 instructor.

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