Victory Learning Academy Exit Interview
Please complete the questionnaire below so that we may close out your tenure with Victory Learning Academy Inc. Please answer all questions truthfully and in depth.  Effective 2.1.21 all staff that leave voluntarily or involuntarily are required to complete an exit interview questionnaire. Failure to complete this questionnaire before the deadline provided in your departure acceptance letter will result in a delay of your final paycheck release. Thank your for your time and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
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Why did you make the decision to leave? *
During this decision did you decide to look for another job? *
What does your new position offer that influenced your decision to leave? *
What, if anything, could we have done better during your tenure with us? *
Did you feel equipped to do the job here? *
Were you comfortable talking to your manager(s)? *
How would you describe our company culture? *
Did you feel like a valuable part of the company? *
If, no, please explain why.
Did you have all the tools you needed to succeed at your job? *
If, no, what tools do you feel you were missing?
Do you feel your job description changed since you were hired? *
If, yes, please explain how.
What was the best part of your job? *
What was the worst part of your job *
Were you given clear goals and objectives? *
Did you receive feedback to help you improve? *
What would you change about your job while with the company? *
Would you recommend our company to a friend looking for a job? *
How can we improve our training and development? Please be specific. *
Do you have any other issues or comments you'd like to address?
Would you like a letter from administration highlighting your time with the company as well as your areas of improvement for your personal use? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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