COVID-19 Charity Needs Assessment
Please help the Sheridan County Community Foundation understand your organization’s operational and charitable support needs that you are currently experiencing or anticipate experiencing in the next 60 days.
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Please select the populations you serve.
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If COVID-19 has led to a change in your operations/service delivery methods, please explain.(i.e. remote work policy, reduced hours, meal delivery as opposed to meal site, etc.)
If your organization has had to suspend or cancel any programs or service offerings, please list them below.
As of 3-18-2020, what are your greatest needs? (Check all that apply and explain in the next question.)
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Please list all needs of your organization, including necessary supplies. Be as specific as possible. We will use this information to create an online "COVID-19 Charitable Needs List" for participating charities.
What do you anticipate being your greatest need in 60 days?
Have you canceled a fundraiser due to the recommendations of the CDC?
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If you answered yes, what percentage of your operations is reliant on the canceled fundraiser?
Do you intend to reschedule this canceled fundraiser?
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Please summarize which of the services you provide are seeing heightened utilization or will potentially increase as result of COVID-19.
Our goal is to bring organizations together around a common goal of supporting our community during this pandemic. To support the larger charitable community, do you have resources that could be utilized or shared by other organizations? (Please check all that apply and then explain in the next question.)
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Please list any resources you have that could be utilized or shared by other organizations. For example, extra supplies might include diapers or disinfectants.
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