#SwapWithLiquality Feedback
Thank you for participating in Liquality's Atomic Swap Challenge! To help us build the best way to swap without middlemen, please answer the following questions with as much as detail as you can. We respect your privacy, are not collecting any personal information other than what you give us, and will not share it with others.

Once you submit the form, we will send you a link on the crisp support chat to complete the second swap, so you can claim the rest of the reward!

Swap Process
On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being the most difficult, 10 being the easiest), how easy was it to complete the swap? *
Did you understand what was going on at each step of the swap? If not, what could have been clarified? *
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What were the most confusing areas of the process? *
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When waiting for the counterparty, did you keep your browser tab open or did you come back to the page with the saved link? *
What made you do one over the other? *
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Which wallets do you prefer to use? Are there any other wallets you'd like to see supported? *
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Trustless cross-chain swaps value proposition
Is this application useful for you? If yes, why? If no, how could it be useful for someone else? *
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In which scenario would you use this application? *
How often would you use this application? *
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Do you have any other comments about the application? *
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If you had to make one change to the application, what would it be? *
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We are building a one-click deploy capability for setting up your own crypto store, where you can put your crypto up for sale on your own website and people can trustlessly swap with you automatically (24/7). How interested would you be in this product? Why? *
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About you
We respect your privacy and will not share your personal information with others.
Enter one of your addresses used for the swap so we can send you the rest of the reward: *
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Which cryptocurrency exchanges do you currently use?
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What assets would you be interested in swapping trustlessly peer-to-peer?
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We respect your privacy. We will not share your personal information with others. If you would like to continue working on this with us, please provide your email address:
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