BCHSJS Application 2021-2022
Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies
475 Grove Street, Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450

Thank you for your interest in BCHSJS.

The NON-REFUNDABLE Registration Fee of $250.00 is due upon completion of this form.
Annual tuition of $1,695.00 is subsidized by the JFNNJ and is subject to the following discounts.

$ (100) Credit for those students belonging to a sponsoring congregation
$ 200 Graduation Fee (Applicable to only those graduating this year)
$ (50) Early Bird Discount for those RETURNING students if the application is received prior to July 15, 2021
$ (50) Early Bird Discount for those NEW students if the application is received prior to September 1, 2021
$ (100) Sibling Discount (if applicable)
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Students please list any Jewish Youth Groups or Jewish Summer Camps that you are actively involved in:
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Student Allergies
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Student Health Problems
Are there special procedures that you wish the school to follow in case your child is sick or impaired?
If your child has a learning disability, social-emotional issue, or other special needs, please indicate here. The Principal will contact you to learn more about your student.
It is understood that in the final disposition of an emergency, the judgement of the school administration will prevail. The recommendation of the parent, as indicated above, will be respected as far as possible. The parent/guardian agrees to notify, in writing, any changes in the above information. *
BCHSJS CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT: Students enroll at BCHSJS in order to learn and to spend quality time with Jewish peers. For effective learning to take place and for quality social programs and community activities, a respectful and safe environment is necessary. No student has the right to interfere with the education or safety of another student or faculty member. Students and faculty members are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and to treat each other with dignity and respect at all times. BCHSJS accepts only the highest behavior and moral standards. *
STUDENTS: Agree to use appropriate language when interacting with faculty, administration, and peers. Resolve interpersonal conflicts without using aggressive physical behavior or inappropriate language. Respect the privacy of others. Show respect for all facilities used by BCHSJS and for the personal property of others. Refrain from disrupting the learning process through inappropriate behavior. Put personal cell phone into basket upon entering a class - to be retrieved when leaving the class. Wear appropriate clothing. Leave the school or any of its programs only after having received approval from the Administration after handing-in written permission from parent or guardian. *
PARENTS/GUARDIANS: I/We understand that infractions include but are not limited to acts of vandalism, use or possession of weapons, smoking or vaping on school grounds, use or possession of drugs or alcohol, leaving school grounds without approval of BCHSJS Administration, fighting, and sexual or physical harassment. If an infraction occurs, a conference will be scheduled with parent(s)/guardian(s), the BCHSJS Principal or Representative, as well as any relevant parties. BCHSJS reserves the right to suspend or expel students for any of the above listed infractions and should this occur, tuition will not be refunded. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and student will be held financially responsible for any property damage that may be caused. I/We have read and agree to abide by each of the Code of Student Conduct tenets. *
Important components of the BCHSJS curriculum and experience are the trips, Shabbatons (weekend retreats), overnights, and school activities. These activities are publicized in advance to the parents and students, and described in various e-mail and written communications. This application will serve as the consent form to participate in such activities; and by signing this application I/We consent and agree that my/our child can participate in any and all such BCHSJS activities. *
These activities, as well as classroom and school activities, are often photographed and videotaped. I /We also consent that my/our child may be photographed and/or videotaped, that this/these image(s) may be used by BCHSJS in print and/or online and that I/We waive all rights with respect to such use and release BCHSJS in connection with any such use or display. It is understood that no remuneration will be received. I/We may revoke this consent at any time, in advance, in writing. Unless I notify the school in writing, my electronic signature below constitutes consent. Parent's Name and Date
BCHSJS is sponsored by the following congregations. Please check if you are a member:
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Synagogue Affiliation (if not listed above):
Request for Financial Aid: Paperwork will be sent to you immediately. Financial Aid applications are due back to BCHSJS no later than August 20, 2021. Funds may not be available for families submitting applications after this date.
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BCHSJS requests that payment or Payment arrangements be in place prior to the beginning of the school year.
BCHSJS accepts payment by check or by credit card.
If you are requesting a payment plan, please indicate here: (Someone will contact you.)
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Submission of $250.00 REGISTRATION FEE *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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