I want to fight for this!
We need help, telling members the DNC needs to change and open up their platform to new technology and activists. Let us know if you can help - volunteering at a forum and making sure people are paying attention to this race or calling/emailing the DNC members you know. Thank you so much!
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I can come to a forum and volunteer - meet DNC members, share your story and get them to vote for Liz. DNC does not provide information on the forums until the week before so if you want to come sign up and we will get you all the info.
I know DNC voting members and would be willing to call them about Liz Jaff's candidacy for Vice Chair *
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I would like to help with the crowdsourcing effort (we are trying to collect data on the DNC and make it public so democrats can know how the process works) *
I would like to be connected to others in my community taking political action? If yes we will give your email to folks who are working on projects in your area to take action. *
If you answered yes to the above question, what is your current city/state?
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I want to stay updated on the political tools/ resources I can use. If yes, we will email you about the tools we know are out there so you can take action yourself. *
I would like to learn more about the Arena Summit (March 24-25 in Raleigh, NC). If yes, we will email you sign-up information. *
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