Are you and your pet suitable to enjoy and train for Pets As Therapy / Animal Assisted Therapy?
Welcome to the amazingly magical and truly beneficial world of pets as therapy!

This quick quiz helps to assess, if you and your pet are suitable to train, to offer safe and beneficial Pets As Therapy interactions, at this time. 

If the pet is a dog, the required obedience is included in our eCourse therefore, is not a course entry requirement. Therefore, don't worry if your dog is not yet fully obedience trained. 

Please be as honest as you can.
Part 1: Is THE PET likely to be suitable, and enjoy the interaction required for Pets As Therapy? One pet only per quiz, thanks.
This section is about your pet.
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Does the pet enjoy meeting strangers, confidently and calmly when away from their own home? *
Is this pet ever shy or timid when strangers want to approach, interact, and touch him/her? *
Is this pet ever fearful of strangers? *
Does this pet have any fears or phobias that might interfere with the pet's enjoyment of pet therapy? *
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