2020/21 LIWSA Modified Season
Following BCSA Phase 2 & ViaSport Phase 3 - the LIWSA Executive would like teams NOT currently participating in the Fall Cohort Season to confirm their intent to participate in the next round starting January 15, 2021
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Submission Deadline: SUNDAY DECEMBER 6, 2020 @ 11:59 PM
No exceptions - work together with your team and club colleagues to submit your response
The LIWSA is proposing a 4 team cohort modified 2020/21 season. What does that mean?
Following the current BCSA Phase 2 & ViaSport Phase 3 Guidelines, Return to Play has been approved as 2-4 team cohort modified model. The LIWSA is proposing the following:

- 11 v 11 (Full field game)
- teams will be grouped in a cohort of 4 teams
- 3 home & 3 away games (6 weeks of games)
- 14 day break before next set of cohort games begin play
- no throw-ins; changed to kick-ins
- no intra-club player permits

Please note that depending on the final number of teams participating in this cohort modified season, cohorts may consist of teams from more than one division. For example, Premier and Division 1 teams may play each other; Division 2 and 3 may play each other and so on. LIWSA will ensure that competition will be comparable, as the main goal of the association is to be able to get members out on the field in some way, shape or form.

Additional details can be found on the following website:
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