Camporee 2018
Use this form to apply to be a member of Meridian District's Camporee 2018 Youth Staff Team. Camporee dates are Friday, April 20 - Sunday April 22. Camporee location is Rancho Los Mochos. Your Troop will be responsible for including you in their overall headcount and for paying your registration fee.

Applicants must hold First Class rank or higher and be at least 14 yrs old as of April 20, 2018 and not yet 18 yrs old as of April 22, 2018.

Your application will be forwarded to your Troop for approval to be on Youth Staff. Completing this form and getting Troop permission is not an assurance that you will be selected to be a member of Youth Staff.

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Qualifications / Preferences
This is an optional question. Let us know if you have any qualifications provided by third party agencies which might be relevant to Camporee activities - for example: radio operator, first responder, etc. Also, if you have a special area of interest such as Chaplain's Aid, Medical Assistant, let us know. Keep your response short. If necessary, we'll follow up with you to get more details.
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Medical & Dietary considerations *
We will accommodate dietary preferences as best we can. If you checked 'Allergies' or 'Other medical or dietary' please ask your Scoutmaster to contact the Committee Chair to explain the situation.
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Your medical form is kept with the rest of your Troop's forms. We need this information in the event of an unusual situation where time is of the essence, and getting records from your Troop may take longer than practical for the situation.
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