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After almost 2 years of virtual meetings, we are delighted to announce that the 14th meeting will be in-person at the Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore, MD on Saturday, August 14, from 1-4 pm! The schedule will feature a panel Q&A on carnivorous plant cultivation, a presentation by Bill Schwartz on his expeditions to see Nepenthes in the wild, several other talks, and a carnivorous plant auction.

In keeping with our pre-COVID tradition, we will be providing lunch, courtesy of Carnivorous Plant Nursery! These will be individual boxed lunches. Please let us know your lunch selection here. If you will be coming with more than one person, please submit a new form for each person so we can organize lunch purchases.

We recognize that the COVID-19 situation is still tenuous. As such, masks are mandatory at this meeting. Please social distance during lunch.

We always welcome plants for display and auction. 50% of the auction proceeds will go to MACPS (but we would, of course, be delighted if you wanted to donate a plant to MACPS). We hope to see you there!
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We will be purchasing individual boxed lunches for this meeting, which will come with a deli sandwich, bag of chips, and cookie. If you are coming with multiple people, please submit this form again to indicate the lunch choices of the other people in your group. *
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We will have a Q&A on carnivorous plant cultivation during the meeting. Do you have any questions you would like to ask the panel?
We strongly encourage you to preregister plants for the auction to streamline auction setup and allow members to see some of the plants that will be auctioned. 50% of proceeds will go to MACPS, but we also welcome donations. Visit You are welcome to bring non-preregistered plants to the meeting as well. *
There is a mandatory mask policy for this meeting. Please social distance during lunch. *
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